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Hi. I’m Elise, and I like to help people find their own personal way to improved overall health, physically and otherwise. I learned from experience that a calm mind can improve your body and vice versa. It really can be easy! NO going hungry & no excessive exercise, but starts with mindfulness ;).

Perhaps you’ve lost touch with what your body is telling you and a little ‘mindfulness’, i.e. being aware & focussed, can get you back on track. Honestly! Isn’t it worth a little try?

My 3-pronged coaching approach involves movement, reflection and nutrition. Look around to where I can help you. It’s amazing what can start with a simple conversation!

What my clients have said

My first and favorite instructor!

When a friend finally got me to try yoga, I was a bit apprehensive, but Elise got me totally hooked. Her regular class was totally accessible to me, while providing options for more advanced practitioners. Her gentle guidance and suggestions help me get the most out of the classes, and I leave feeling invigorated and more appreciative of my self and the universe.”

Dave, NY, NY 

“I could not remove the experience of yoga with Elise from the context of Dominica’s enchantment.

We had two practice sessions with her. One was on a verandah overlooking the north shore, where the constant crash of surf driven by the prevailing easterlies is like the ticking of the island’s natural clock. The other was in a pavilion set in a highland cloudforest, where tropical flora, the occasional splatter of rain on the roof and an agouti peeking in at us gave the practice an atmosphere of fullness and replenishment. If you stop and speak to Dominicans, you hear over and over their recognition of the earth as partner and provider. Elise has lived with her family on Dominica for 20 years, and it is my opinion that the island and its magic are part of the soul of her yoga practice. What particularly impressed me was how she guided us to a kind of naturalness. At one point, she had us splashing our energy as mermaids, and instantly the grizzled old goat that I am felt the encrustation of pre-occupations and trivial cares fall away and I was enjoying myself with a child’s sense of discovery and pure fun. And THAT is a state rarely reached in my life.

Elise could roll up her mat and teach anywhere, but in the setting of her island, it is an extraordinary experience.”

John, Toronto, CANADA

Let me help you cross the bridge to better health!

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