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About Me

As you can see, I love the outdoors, and enjoy living in Dominica. For me, Nature is an essential part of being healthy, along with time spent amongst family & friends. I met my Dominican-born husband at Carleton Architecture school in Ottawa and we moved here in 1998 to work on his father’s 100-ft schooner … and we are still here! Over the years, we developed our approach to sustainable living, becoming more disenchanted with overly commercial lifestyles and enjoying a hands-on connection to our resources like water, food & shelter. This mindfulness extended to our health as we grew as a family and had various health issues to grapple with.

Now, with a strong base of yoga training with Trudy Scott-Prevost, founder of Rainbow Yoga and Health Coach training with IIN (Institute for Integrative Nutrition), I’m keen to share my passion of feeling your best! I try not to push this on people, but rather wait for questions. One has to be curious and open to having a conversation, then I can help you find motivation and support to take baby steps.



Workshops are great when there’s a common goal or theme, a particular target audience and also as a general introduction to what can be done.

I always use worksheets for participants to reflect on their own specifics and come away with tangible steps they can implement immediately.

Examples where I present & You complete worksheets

  • De-Stress for Employee Health in a Corporate Setting
  • Pre-diabetics turn the tables on Insulin Resistance
  • “What does Healthy mean to You?” How to kindle motivation.
  • Cracking the Code to Your Cravings

Examples where I lead a group with hands-on Food Prep

  • Healthy snacks for children (or diabetic, or pregnant women, … )
  • Low-sugar, high healthy fats for Weight-Loss
  • Training Hotel & Restaurant Staff on Special Diets (Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegan, …)

Venues range from community centres, hotels, schools, company conference rooms and anywhere else you’d like one!

My first workshop at University of West Indies, Roseau, 22 November, 2016

“What does Being Healthy Mean To You?” at NDFD, Roseau, 30th May, 2017

RETREAT Building

I love to support all the amazing people I know here & share what they do with visitors & locals alike, so it made sense to connect the dots! Whether you’re here alone for a day or in a larger group for a week, I can help organise an unforgettable wellness package from which you will take home real sustainable lifestyle change.

Possible Retreat ‘Menu’ options:

Yoga & Meditation Retreat at Caapi Cottage, Cochrane

A yoga, meditation & raw foods retreat at Caapi Cottage, Cochrane, over Easter 2017.

What my clients have said

“I was so fortunate to have Elise as our Chef for an exclusive Yoga-Meditation and Raw Foods Retreat at Caapi Cottage in the mountains of Dominica. I was very impressed with her knowledge of how to promote and maintain health through selecting and preparing raw foods. Elise is constantly creating new dishes with the freshest, local ingredients to help cleanse and energize both the body and mind. At the retreat Elise focused on creating beautiful presentations, as well as surprising and tantalizing combinations of flavours and textures. Her passion fruit cashew “cheesecake” and her cocoa protein balls with hemp seeds and dried fruit are among the best desserts I’ve ever tasted! Elise also prepared an overview for the participants to help them understand the concept of a “cleansing diet” and how to prepare for the 5-day retreat, which included a coconut water fast. She was very engaging with all participants, teaching them about raw food preparation and she took the time to explain each dish and the health benefits. Her energy, dedication and enthusiasm was wonderful to have at this retreat. I would definitely recommend Elise as a nutritionist and healthy foods chef!”

Jessica Canham

Retreat Facilitator & Owner of Caapi Cottage, Dominica

Let me help you cross the bridge to better health!