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My Story: SELF CARE, in order to SHARE

When Connor was born in 2006, I didn’t know I’d shift from Architect to Health Coach years later. Without going into the gory details, just know that I found help in the MINDFULNESS that I talk about in other pages of this site. It was likely YOGA that helped me actually listen to my body in the first place. Then, as I researched the biology of autism, I discovered how powerful NUTRITION is and how it could heal us in various ways. 

Now, as I feel a bit more at peace, I want to help other parents who struggle with STRESS and especially the extra layers of worry and heartache that come from ASD children. Of course the best way to feel better is our kids feeling great … but meanwhile, we can be our strongest selves with calm peaceful energy for our families. So, please, dig into some resources here and send me a message about what you think might work for you.


These images are from my book, ‘You Don’t Know My Story‘ which describes how I release extra layers of stress than come from those around me. You can buy the book HERE or look at each section text on Youtube HERE.

These videos talk about each theme from the book sections, sharing stories and coping strategies. Of course we all have different details but could all use some calming mind-frames.

These audio clips are guided visualisations that help us in a number of ways. 

My SHOP: products that have helped us

Items specifically useful for autistic kids and their parents:

TIE-LESS LACES reduce shoe frustrations! These elastics stay in place.

DOORWAY SWINGS give a wrapped-in-a-cocoon hug that satisfy many kids with sensory needs.

WEIGHTED BLANKETS give calming pressure and can reduce agitation and stress.

Multi-headed toothbrushes  / GPS locators / Chewable Jewelry / Fermented foods for probiotics / Calming Oils / Sibling Support. 
As a stay-at-home Mom, I am an Amazon Associate to earn from qualifying purchases. I am selective and focus on what has worked for us or friends. 


Thoughts, questions, advice ... general blurbs to share 😉
We all like to tell our stories … our struggles and our successes, especially when it comes to our kids and our parenting! Sometimes we like to share how we think a situation could/should be handled, because it’s worked for us … but if I’ve learned anything, it’s that parenting is an extremely personal activity. Sure there are some underlying themes that most of us have in common, and we might even ask for advice, but generally speaking, we don’t want (or need) a finger wagging or criticism.

While I share my experiences and might even go so far as to suggest that you try certain approaches, these are meant to be supportive ideas to consider. I figure we can all try new things, then decide if they’re for us or not 😉 So, feel free to explore and see what resonates with you. Then, please share back!

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