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Mindful Living involves being aware of what brings you energy & what saps your energy, and we’re not only talking about what goes in your mouth. IIN says that your PRIMARY FOODS: Career, Relationships, Spirituality & Exercise, are what really nourish you. Also consider your physical environment. Are you getting enough nature time outdoors?  Do you spend time with elderly, children or just alone? Stop to smell the roses! Enjoy a view! You know what you like, so DO it! A Coach can be your cheerleader 😉

Simple Steps to Overall Health

Step 1: Identify your stressors

  • Download the ‘Circle of Life’ to highlight areas that aren’t optimal. Think about sub-categories to help break up segments. Which elements do you really need to address and why? 

Step 2: Determine how to reduce or counter these

  • What could you do to minimize the impact of a stress? If it isn’t avoidable, how could you balance it? Maybe some self-love like meditation, massage or a 5-min solo dance party as a treat after dealing with a stress well!

Find Your Dis-Ease triggers

Together, we’ll study your behaviour patterns, and breakdown your bad habits. With a little awareness and intention, they can be changed surprisingly easily! Examples of questions are:

What are your morning & bedtime routines? 

How, where & with whom do you usually eat your meals?

What are your most common cravings or ” go to’s ” ?

How do you respond to stress? Eat, shop, smoke, freak out or shut down?

Reflecting on the details and implications can lead to us realise that we actually know, intuitively, what we could/should do differently. As a Coach, I will simply guide your awareness, not tell you what to do.

Your Health History Form

Get Started

  • Download the Health Assessment Form to the Left,
  • Fill it in & submit it back to me.

We’ll have a conversation about it and see where it leads us, no obligations. There’s nothing to lose but some stress and/or weight!

Let me help you cross the bridge to better health!