NUTRITION: Food as Information

A guide for Mindful Eating brings your attention to what and how you eat. Are you appreciating the colour, texture, flavours? Do you know where it came from or how it was grown? Are you chewing enough and calm enough to digest properly? While we don’t want to bring stress into the equation by over-analysing it all, we should think about what we bring into our bodies as INFORMATION. What we ingest can either be healing or harming us, and while basics exist, there’s much that is bio-individual.


Seriously, this will take you far in balancing hormones and healing the digestive processes in your body. Often weight comes off easily, without being hungry or exercising constantly!

I would certainly never be one to say “Avoid coffee, alcohol or treats”, … at least not forever! Just keep track of quality and quantity and consider trying a week or two without any, as an exercise to see what happens and how you feel.


  • greens
  • vegetable colours & textures
  • healthy fats
  • clean protein
  • raw & live foods
  • water


  • processed foods
  • hydrogenated oils
  • refined grains
  • GMO & commercial-grade
  • carbohydrates & sugars


Which Cleanse are you ready to try?

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Recipe Ideas

I have a lot of fun in the kitchen experimenting with what’s available locally and seasonally. I tend not to follow, or even create, recipes exactly, but allow for variation. You can get a few ideas here but feel free to email me for something specific. I love to give clients new, easy & yummy ways to eat healthier!

vegan ‘meatloaf’ with walnuts, mushrooms, flax & various veg; basil & garlic, sunflower pesto; chadon beni (like cilantro) tomato salsa

cauliflower & veg-stuffed pepper with spicy turmeric sunflower sauce, & 2 sauerkrauts (probiotic digestive aid!) on edible hibiscus

lettuce wraps & cucumber boats for garlic sunflower/sprouted chickpea spread & passion-tahini coleslaw

carrot salad with ginger, kombucha & raisin dressing

raw vegan ‘cheesecake’ : cashew cream with passion fruit on nutty base (for healthy fats!)

cocoa-coconut protein balls. date base for no refined sugars

What my clients have said

We were so so so lucky to have Elise as the chef cooking for us during our 5-day Loving Kindness Retreat (Easter 2017), awakening our inner shaman :-).

She is also a yoga teacher and totally aware of the importance of diet during a yoga retreat. We easily shared the same view on raw foods such that i felt comfortable to trust her completely and delegate the cooking part to her.

We really wanted to have a holistic approach for the retreat, cleansing the body, mind and soul through the practice of asanas, pranayama, meditation, deep relaxation and positive thinking. Going raw with live ingredients was a fundamental part of the retreat, helping the different bodies to cleanse and heal. I am myself a raw food lover so I deeply appreciated Elise‘s ability to fulfill our needs during the retreat.

She prepared the menu consciously to lead us to the final point that was a cleanse of the physical body with a day of coconut water fasting. She prepared delicious and hearty meals with love, without any dairy, grains, sugar or salt that were really easy to digest. She also took care to make a daily naturally-sweet treat to give us some comfort to our belly, heart and brain with healthy fats including delicious passionfruit faux-cheesecake, cocoa-coconut energy balls, creamy banana-pumpkin smoothies and soursop-chia pudding.

I thank her so much for taking excellent care of us during this retreat; we were spoiled!

Khiet-Trinh, Martinique, yoga instructor, retreat leader

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