Practice Yoga with Elise

Be Mindful of your Movement, or lack thereof (!) as we sit so much, at a desk or in a car. Of course we know we should be moving more, but find it hard to squeeze in a full exercise session. So, find what’s FUN & easy! My favourite movement is dancing to music, often with my kids ūüôā Even frequent little bursts of energy go a long way to improved blood flow, cellular health & mood.

Benefits of YOGA

Benefits are really so numerous, with¬†current ‘scientific’ studies ‘proving’¬†centuries of traditional knowledge and experience. You can read more at sites like Yoga Journal &/or download the infographic (L) by right clicking it.

Most people find improved sleep, digestion, stress management, and mood in as little as one class! You will also enjoy improved bone density, lymphatic drainage or lowered blood pressure. Many simply like the gentle approach: stretching, & strengthening, calming & energising.

I especially love yoga¬†as a way to connect to one’s self. It may sound goofy, but it really helped me notice then get through physical & mental challenges.¬†


There are so many various styles & approaches that everyone can find something that’s right for them. TRY a few different classes to¬†find what feels great!

Yoga Class Schedule

  • ¬†New Schedule Coming Soon!

All classes cater to individual needs. No ‘experience’ or flexibility required! Always best to confirm availability & details. Also contact me to sign up & get the ‘Regulars’ Discounts!

Private Yoga Classes

Personal or Group Classes. Excellent for Corporate Employee Health programs

Practice in the comfort of your own home, in a special natural environment or for a special occasion. My customised classes are designed to give you exactly what you need, touching the body and the mind.

  • 1¬†Hour Custom Yoga Session
  • 1.5¬†Hour In-Depth Yoga & Meditation Session
  • 2+ Hours: Yoga & Health¬†Coaching Session

Contact me to discuss private session options today!

What my clients have said


“It was an experience that we won’t forget. I would highly recommend classes with Elise to make your time in Dominica even more special.”


“I recently travelled to Dominica as a group of 6 people in our 30s from Scotland. We are couples and friends from home and were on a 2 week island hopping adventure in which Dominica was our final island. We were staying at the beautiful Villa Passiflora in Calibishie and had been very keen to set up some private yoga classes at the villa during our time there. The owners connected me with Elise who got in touch to find out more about what we were after. Elise was great at advising on the kind of classes we could do with her to fit around our schedule and even suggested some additional classes in the local area we might be interested in. Elise came to the villa to take the class with 6 of us on 3 of our mornings at the villa. We were all of mixed abilities and she was really good at making sure there were variations for everyone which was really great as it meant that we all felt that there was a level in the class which challenged us all and that really made the experience enjoyable for us all. Elise was really great at talking through the poses in a very easy to understand way for all the groups abilities.¬† We had one person in the group who had never taken part in any yoga, and was sceptical to begin with, but he did all 3 classes and really enjoyed them! She really catered the class to us personally, we had completed the boiling lake hike the day before and so she really focused on the areas that were tight from the hike and so having such personal care to our practice was really special. She also went out of her way to suggest a local massage therapist for us too.¬† The 3 days were great in terms of progression- working through individual poses and working up to a flow on the last day. Elise also did some very nice relaxation at the end, really bringing together the beauty and nature of the local area.”
 РAmi, Scotland

Let me help you cross the bridge to better health!